THIS IS THE END: First Official Trailer

In theaters June 14, 2013

In theaters June 14, 2013

The first official trailer and movie poster have been released for This Is the End, a comedy about the apocalyptic end of the world (right on time?). Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have come together yet again for their directorial debut, and I’m hoping the world really doesn’t end tomorrow so I can go and watch this movie. Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson find themselves stuck in a house in Los Angeles in the aftermath of the destruction of the world as we know it.

What’s most interesting to me — and you’ll see in the trailer — is that all of these guys will be playing (what I’m assuming to be) parodies of themselves rather than fictional characters. The movie also features Mindy Kaling, Emma Watson, Kevin Hart, Rihanna, and Judd Apatow film regulars David Krumholtz, Jason Segel, Michael Cera, Martin Starr and Paul Rudd. Let’s hope the Mayans were wrong and we can look forward past tomorrow to what looks like another comedic gem from Rogen and Goldberg.

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