“Pitch Perfect” release date moved up by a week

In theaters September 28, 2012

The musical comedy, Pitch Perfect, has received such good reviews that Universal has become confident enough to release the movie on September 28th, a week before its original release date.

The decision to open the film in select theaters early resulted from a number of factors, led by the wildly positive moviegoer feedback for Pitch Perfect from early screenings and indicators of a very engaged core audience avidly anticipating its release.  Universal is promoting Pitch Perfect with the most extensive screening campaign in the studio’s history.  Over the past few weeks, hundreds of screenings of Pitch Perfect across the country have consistently received raucous audience response.

“You have to be willing to break the rules for a film that you deeply love, and supporting Pitch Perfect in this unorthodox way is a result of our passion for the movie and confidence in its reception,” said Nikki Rocco, President of Distribution, Universal Pictures.  “After every screening, we’ve seen levels of reaction similar to how audiences responded to American Pie and Bring It On, other comedies for a young audience that grew into great success stories for Universal.”

Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick and Bridesmaids-breakout star, Rebel Wilson, star in this campy comedy that centers around a college a capella group.

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