Catching Fire: Finnick O’Dair has been cast!



After months of debate over who should be cast as the pivotal character of Finnick O’Dair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Hollywood has spoken! Newcomer Sam Claflin is apparently the chosen one, and he has got some big shoes to fill. I mean, he might just be taking some of the heat off of Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, even though he did what I thought was an amazing job in The Hunger Games. Anyway, you might have caught Sam Claflin as Philip in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides or as William in the Ruper Sanders-Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, Snow White and the Hunstman.

I had my heart set on Armie Hammer, because I’ve seen his work and think he has the chops to play all of the several shades of Finnick O’Dair, but honestly, I think this might be a good choice. He’s obviously pretty but still masculine like Finnick, so he’s got the looks down. The true test will be seeing if he can pull off playful, superficial, and cocky at one point, and sad, conflicted, and vulnerable at another, at the drop of a hat.

Considering he’s a semi-newcomer to the biz and I haven’t really seen him act, I think it could be a really smart move casting him as Finnick. Audiences will mostly have no preconceived notions of him and be able to fully take him in as the dashing Finnick O’Dair. Either way, I was upset about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, and he pulled it off, so here’s hoping for the best with my second favorite male character in the series, Finnick O’Dair!

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