Breaking Dawn Part 2: New Official Images

Now that you’re able to watch the full-length trailer over and over again (you know you have), new official images have also been released in order to get a better look at the new characters being introduced in this last chapter of the saga.

The second half of the book (the part the movie is based on), is mostly about how the Volturi find out about Edward and Bella’s half-human, half-vampire baby, Renesmee, and wish to dispose of her. They are convinced she will not be able to control her blood-lust like an immortal child, a child who has been turned into a vampire. Edward and Bella, who is now a vampire herself, travel the world to gather support from other vampire families to show the Volturi that Renesmee is not a threat.

Below are the images of Renesmee as well as other vampire families and enemies we will get to know in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

(L-R) Kellan Lutz as Emmett and Kristen Stewart as Bella arm-wrestling now that Bella has the strength of a vampire

(L-R) TRACEY HEGGINS and JUDITH SHEKONI as two of the Amazon sisters

(L-R) CASEY LaBOW and MyANNA BURING as two of the Denali clan from Alaska

(L-R) CHRISTIAN CAMARGO and MIA MAESTRO as Eleazar and Carmen of the Denali clan in Alaska

KRISTEN STEWART and MACKENZIE FOY as Bella and her daughter Renesmee

(L-R) TAYLOR LAUTNER and MACKENZIE FOY as werewolf Jacob Black and Renesmee

(L-R) DAKOTA FANNING and CAMERON BRIGHT, members of the Volturi



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