Rock of Ages Review

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Tom Cruise in a leather jacket, tattoos, long hair and a bandana, Alec Baldwin in a jean vest and tacky, gold jewelry, Paul Giamatti with a rat-tail and obnoxiously large cell phone, and Catherine Zeta-Jones in a high-waisted pant suit. These are just a few of the true-to-the-80s looks you can expect from Rock of Ages. This film-adaptation of the highly successful Broadway musical is a whole lot of fun.

I won’t lie, the storyline is cliché and predictable, but you know what you’re getting yourself into when you buy a ticket to watch this movie. It is what it is! And it is entertaining. First of all, who doesn’t want to sing along to Bon Jovi, Poison, Journey and Whitesnake’s greatest hits?  With mash-ups as well as straight-up covers of classic 80s rock, you can’t help but regret not going to the movies in your leg warmers and mesh, fingerless gloves.

(L) Julianne Hough as Sherrie Christian (R) Diego Boneta as Drew Boley

Julianne Hough is cast well as the sweet and naive Oklahoma-native Sherrie Christian, and Diego Boneta does well as aspiring rock star Drew Boley. They do a good job of carrying the main, romantic storyline, but there are other relationships in the film that are far more entertaining. The teaming up of Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand was a great idea. They both have no shame and are always willing to do whatever it takes for a laugh. Bryan Cranston and Catherine Zeta-Jones as the philandering mayor of Los Angeles and his hidden agenda-driven wife also shine through every so often.

I have to say, though, it’s Tom Cruise as rock legend Stacee Jaxx who really steals the show. There’s some kind of crazy hidden in Tom Cruise, because he does so well playing these random, eccentric characters. If you have ever watched Tropic Thunder, it’s safe to say that Tom Cruise’s bit part, rude and greasy movie agent Les Grossman, was one of the most entertaining parts of that film. His take on Stacee Jaxx is just as funny but with several, complex emotional layers, a feat that only someone as complex in real life as Cruise could accomplish (like I know him personally…but you know what I mean).

Tom Cruise as rock legend Stacee Jaxx

The set design and wardrobe department really did their research and made it seem like you’re in the Bourbon Room in Los Angeles in 1987, and obviously the music was great. I’ve never seen the musical on Broadway, so I can’t really say if they kept it true to the stage version, but I liked it. I had fun watching it, so if you want to watch something that will put you in a good mood, Rock of Ages will definitely put a smile on your face this summer.

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