American Reunion: Another Slice of Pie

(L) The American Reunion movie poster in 2012 (R) The movie poster for the very first American Pie back in 1999

In 1999, a movie centered on a group of teenagers trying to avoid graduating high school as virgins made its way into theaters. The movie about a boy practicing performing a sexual act with an apple pie became an unlikely hit.

American Pie reminded adults of their days in high school and helped many an awkward teenager through those hormone-driven years. 13 years later, the fourth slice of American Pie is set to premiere for fans of the first three as well as a whole new generation.

“What I think was nice about this one was that it didn’t seem like we were making a fourth one as much as an homage to the first one,” said Eddie Kaye Thomas who plays Paul Finch. “We understood that the first one touched on this great period in our lives, in everyone’s life, where you’re going through that period in high school where you’re terrified that you’re not cool enough, and you haven’t become what you hoped you would, and ‘Oh my God, I’m going to graduate high school a virgin, and nothing could be worse than that!’”

The characters are now all around 32 years old, and while the funny yet unfortunate situations and hi-jinks are still included in this fourth chapter, there are still some serious moments that show how the characters have matured since the first.

“My dynamic with my parents [in real life] has changed quite a bit, and there’s a beautiful moment in the film…it’s funny because a lot of my favorite moments in the film are not really the funny ones but sort of more poignant, sweeter moments, and actually that’s always been the case with the whole franchise…I love when Jim offers his dad advice,” said Jason Biggs who plays the infamously awkward Jim Levenstein.

For those who worried that people might be sick and tired of the crude comedy of the American Pie movies, American Reunion opened to a whopping $21 million nationwide. At this point, the cast has found their footing and know just how to attract and keep an audience.

“We’ve got more boobies than ‘Project X,’ and I think high school-ers still like breasts, so I think we’ll be all right,” said Thomas.

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