American Idol’s Latest Eliminated Contestant: DeAndre Brackensick

DeAndre Brackensick

From day one, DeAndre Brackensick has been an underdog of sorts. He made it to the last round of Hollywood Week last season but wasn’t invited to be a part of the Top 24. This year, he made it into the Top 24, but when it came to the Top 13, he wasn’t voted in by America. He made it anyway as Steven Tyler’s Wild Card Pick.

Week to week, DeAndre fought to stay in the competition with his unique, Maxwell-esque sound. His high falsetto and low vibrato made his voice one-of-a-kind, and the judges loved it. America, however, didn’t garner enough votes to keep him in the American Idol race.

Ever the graceful and humble eliminated contestant, DeAndre spoke to the press about the great experiences he had on Idol and what he has in mind for the future.

AG: Jennifer Lopez said on Wednesday that you were a “shining star,” that you were making your comeback. Then, the next day, you’re voted off. What do you make of that? Do you think voters are making the right choices, or do you think they’re sort of lost? What do you think?
DB:  I just think everything happens for a reason. My voice and my style is not popular nowadays, and I’m still in the process of bringing it back. I think it’s just been lost and unappreciated in this generation. But hey, someone has to go home every week, and it had to be me this weekend.

AG: Do you think being a Wild Card Pick gave you a sort of disadvantage going into the competition?
DB:  Somewhat, but I just think America didn’t really get to see my full voice. It only got shown the day before, I didn’t really get to show my low register, so I’m glad I did get to show the other side of me that was there.

AG: So what do you see as your next move?
DB:  Tour, number one, and then hopefully getting a record deal out of this. Whatever’s coming my way, singing, modeling, acting, anything, I just wanna keep working. I wanna be exhausted at the end of the day.

AG: Well thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I see big things ahead for you.
DB: Oh, thank you.

When it came time for the teleconference to end, DeAndre had some last words for the press:
 “Thank you so much. Thank you guys for helping me forward myself and just getting me out there. I really appreciate all the calls and questions. Hit up Jen if you want more, because I would love to give you more. Thank you!”

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