The Muppets now on BluRay and DVD

Walter, Mary (Amy Adams) and Gary (Jason Segel) travel to Los Angeles.

It’s been 10 years since The Muppets were in theaters. This past year, they returned to the hearts of the now grown-up children who learned to love them decades ago. After its triumphant return to the big screen on Thanksgiving last year, The Muppets is now on BluRay and DVD Wocka Wocka Value Pack.

Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall; I Love You, Man) and Nicholas Stoller decided it was time for The Muppets to make a comeback. Keeping with the sly, tongue-in-cheek humor that first made them famous in the 1970s, Segel and Stoller brought the Muppets back in full force.

The Wocka Wocka BluRay and DVD combo pack includes special bonus features such as “The Longest Blooper Reel Ever Made (In Muppet History).” It also comes with a code to download the soundtrack, put together by Bret MacKenzie (Flight of the Conchords), which features the Academy Award-Winning Song, “Man or Muppet.”

Brothers Walter and Gary

Gary, played by Segel, and his brother Walter grew up watching The Muppets, so when Gary decides to take his girlfriend Mary, played by Amy Adams (Enchanted, Doubt), to Los Angeles, he invites Walter to join them and visit the Muppet Studios.

When they reach Muppet Studios, they find it dilapidated and decrepit. That’s when Walter overhears evil oil baron Tex Richman, played by Chris Cooper (Remember Me, The Town), planning to destroy Muppet Studios for the oil that can be found underneath it. This will happen unless the Muppets can raise $10 million to re-build the studio.

Walter journeys through LA to find his hero, Kermit the Frog, to warn him of Richman’s plan. Together, they gather up the old Muppet gang which includes Fozzie Bear who plays with a Muppet tribute band called “The Moopets,” Gonzo who is now the richest plumbing magnate in America, and Animal who is going through an anger management program.

The Muppets put together a reunion telethon in order to raise the money to save the Muppets Studio. With surprise celebrity cameos and the same silly, slapstick humor that made the Muppets famous in the first place, The Muppets may just be the best Muppet movie yet.

Now on BluRay and DVD

Amy Adams was the perfect choice as Mary. Her theatrical acting and singing boded well for the movie, and she’s one of those gorgeous actresses who’s not afraid to look silly for a laugh. Jason Segel somehow exudes Muppet characteristics, becoming as cuddly, huggable and innocent as Kermit himself. Bret MacKenzie arranged the music wonderfully, keeping with the literal and dippy lyrics The Muppets perform so well while incorporating his Flight of the Conchords-style beats and humor.

Kermit’s leading man bravado, Miss Piggy’s abrasive attitude, Fozzie’s horrible jokes, Gonzo’s affection for chickens and danger, Stadler and Waldorf’s teasing of the Muppets, and the Swedish Chef’s incomprehensible dialogue reminds us all why we grew up loving the Muppets. In a new age where Rated R comedies dominate the big screen and the box office, The Muppets remind us that it’s still okay to laugh at things that don’t involve four-letter words, allusion to drugs or are so gross it makes us want to puke after we’re done laughing.

It’s only fitting that the telethon audience is all adults in their mid-30s and beyond, because it’s those people who grew up with the Muppets from back in the days with guest hosts such as Steve Martin, Julie Andrews and President Carter. Segel and Stoller have brought the Muppets back for a new audience, children from today that will be just as captivated by this movie as their parents were when the Muppets premiered on television in 1976.

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