HOP bounces onto BluRay and DVD in time for Easter

Just in time for the holiday the movie bases itself on, HOP makes its way onto BluRay and DVD on March 27th.

The film centers around E.B., the rambunctious son of the legendary Easter Bunny. E.B., voiced by Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek), dreams of becoming a rock star drummer rather than inheriting the Easter Bunny powers his father so desperately wants him to take on.

After the Easter Bunny tells E.B. that he has no choice but to become the next Easter Bunny, he escapes Easter Island and heads to Hollywood. There, he meets Fred O’Hare, played by James Marsden (X-Men, The Notebook). His father also disapproves of his lifestyle, and they become unlikely friends.

Carlos, voiced by Hank Azaria (The Simpsons, Mystery Men), is an Easter chick and the Bunny’s right-hand man. He takes advantage of E.B.’s absence and arranges a hostile takeover. He thinks that it’s time for the chicks to be in charge of Easter instead of bunnies.

Meanwhile, E.B. is trying to find a way to become a famous drummer and Fred is trying to find a job. Together, they survive several adventures in Hollywood before eventually being dragged back to Easter Island where they find Carlos in the midst of his coup d’etat.

Does Carlos take over and become the first Easter chick? Will E.B. take his rightful place as the next Easter Bunny? Will Fred find the job he’s been searching for his whole life? The HOP BluRay and DVD combo pack not only contains the answers to these questions but some very special bonus features. These features include “Phil’s Dance Party,” “The World of HOP,” and “All Access with Cody Simpson.”

While I wasn’t entirely impressed by HOP’s attempts to be hip and funny at the same time, I could see my niece enjoying it on Easter every year. It’s cliche and predictable at best, but it’s inventive as well, taking a holiday there aren’t many movies about and making it into one the kids can enjoy before the hunt for Easter eggs.

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