American Idol’s First Eliminated Contestant: Jeremy Rosado

Jeremy Rosado, American Idol's First Eliminated Contestant

After winning over Jennifer Lopez with his emotional rendition of “I Know You Won’t” by Carrie Underwood, Jeremy Rosado made it into the Top 13 as her wild card pick. However, after the first week of competition, he failed to win over America with his take on “Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder.

Rosado may have been American Idol’s first casualty, but he still has the hopes and dreams of becoming a singer or maybe even an actor. He spoke about what it was like having the support of Jennifer Lopez, becoming a part of the American Idol family, and what challenges he faces next.

Matt Carter –
You just talked about Jennifer wanting to save you, and it seems like kind of throughout the whole competition, she was very much in your corner, so tell me a little bit about how that felt, to have Jennifer Lopez, multi-platinum recording artist standing up for you almost at every turn.
JR: You know, it was crazy, it was amazing.  I will forever be grateful to her, you know what I mean, for being by my side and fighting for me down to the last minute, but at the same time, I’m grateful for the three of them and to the producers, like I said before. Getting to the Top 13 out of hundreds of other people, is not something that happens every day, and I really am just so blessed.
MC: For sure. And after your elimination last night, Colton had some kind words to say about you, and he said you were roommates. What kind of friendship did you strike up with him?
JR: He became my big brother, completely, my big brother, and I’m gonna miss him so much and my family and all my other brothers and sisters from the show. I love them so much, and it’s probably going to be the biggest thing I’ll miss the most, it’s going to be not being with my family, my contestants.

Michelle Miller – Hollywood Reporter:
My question to you is, we all know Jennifer was in your corner, so I’m wondering how much Jennifer is going to figure into your post-Idol career, either as a mentor or maybe a cameo on Q’Viva, perhaps?
JR: That would be amazing. You know, I haven’t heard anything at all, but I love her first of all, forever be grateful to her for the way that she fought for me. That would be awesome, you know, for in the future, maybe, her helping me out in some way, or mentoring me, whatever it may be, but as of now, I haven’t heard of anything.
MM: What do you think was your personal connection with her? She really took such an interest in you, it was actually a wonderful watch.
JR: It was a huge blessing, and it will forever be a huge blessing. Just to think that she saw something in me that was special to her, I honestly believe that it was just my heart. I lay my heart out on my sleeve every time I performed, and I know she felt it. I praise God that I made it this far, and yeah.

Alex Gonzalez – La Prensa de Houston:
That first week, you all were expected to perform Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder songs. I mean, I really feel like that’s a tall order for your first performance. How did you feel when you realized you would have to be singing a classic Stevie Wonder song?
JR: I was scared. I mean, it’s scary singing Stevie Wonder, no one will ever be Stevie Wonder. He is one of the greatest of all time. You know, I was just hoping that I could do my own thing with the song, and it definitely worked. Jennifer, she loved it, and Steven liked it, too, that night. Randy, not so much, but I don’t know, I thought it was pretty good for what it was.
AG: What advice do you have for other Hispanic students, children, anyone that wants to audition for American Idol, has big dreams like that, any advice for them?
JR: Live your dream, and chase after it. Don’t let any person on this earth tell you that you can’t. The impossible can be possible. I’m here. I know I’ve just been eliminated, but I always dreamed of being in the top finalists of American Idol, and whether it’s 13, 7, 1, whatever it may be, I’m here and I praise God for that. So a word of encouragement would be to never give up on your dreams, because one day they’ll come true. Your time to shine will come. 

Alexandra Radero – Fox News Latino:
We were really excited to see a Latino on American Idol and devastated you were the first one to leave. What was your relationship with another Latina, Jessica Sanchez, on the show?

JR: I love Jessica Sanchez, she’s awesome. We were definitely really close, and she was definitely one of my closest friends. I’m going to miss her just like everyone else. Like you said, we were both Latino, and it awesome to have two of us in it. I’m blessed to have met her, blessed to have been able to sing with her. She’s gonna go far, and she’ll do great.
AR: Do you see yourself doing maybe more Latin American-based shows or telenovelas to open yourself up to that market?
JR: You know what, I’m open to the idea of opening up to the Latino community, like marketing Spanish music, making an album, doing a Spanish version of the album, some of the songs, and it would be awesome. I think that’s a whole new area to open up.

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