Felipe Viel talks NuevOn on YouTube

Felipe Viel, host of Feim Fix on NuevOn

These days, people can consume television either by watching it directly, recording their favorite programs on DVR, catching up by streaming online or even purchasing NetFlix accounts. YouTube has taken it a step further by creating subscription programming with brand new shows. NuevOn is the new Hispanic channel, and I was able to speak to one of its programs’ hosts, Felipe Viel.

In 2002 he became the male host and image of Telefutura Network’s longest running entertainment show, Escándalo TV. The creators of NuevOn approached Viel to host a show called Feim Fix as two of his characters from Escándalo TV, celebrity gossip reporter “Franchis Mozzo” and brawny, sexist “Armando Bronca.” He spoke about the creation of the channel, what programs you can expect on the channel and what Feim Fix will be all about.

FV: Hello, Alexandria! How are you?
AG: I’m good, how are you?
FV: Great.

AG: I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about your new show on NuevOn, Feim Fix. I understand you will be hosting it as your alter ego “Franchis Mozzo” also working with “Armando Bronca.” Can you tell the readers about where these characters came from?
FV: Well, this is crazy, you know? When I worked on Escandalo for more than 10 years, I had some characters, the comedy part of the show led by “Franchis Mozzo,” a funny guy, a gossip guy, who really loves gossip and getting close to celebrities, and “Armando Bronca,” the macho man, macho Latino. These characters are now having an amazing opportunity to do their own show on YouTube. Can you imagine that? They don’t even want me, they want the characters. It’s crazy, it’s completely crazy. But YouTube loves the characters, and they are planning to start the show in April. Today we are showing a couple of interviews and images from the show, and we are very excited. I think YouTube definitely is the future, you know, television is changing. There are so many different ways to see television right now, YouTube is one of them, and I think it’s definitely the future to start to create the programming especially for YouTube. So that’s the idea, programming especially for YouTube, for Hispanic people, for bilingual people, and that’s the idea with Feim Fix.

AG: How did this collaboration with NuevOn arise? Did you seek it out or did someone bring the idea to you or how did it happen?
FV: This is a production of my manager, Luis Fadaller from LatinWorks Entertainment. He has a partner named Ben Silverman, he was Vice President of NBC, so these two big guys, visionaries, they started to create different kinds of shows for YouTube. Definitely they need to create something in Spanish, so that’s the reason they created NuevOn. They asked my character “Franchis Mozzo” to do one of the shows, to be the host of one of the shows. Also, Sofia Vergara is going to be in the show, on the channel, NuevOn, and also, we have our reality show with Hector “Macho” Camacho, the boxer, so we have very funny programming. I think it’s going to be a big success, and we are starting in April.

Viel as Franchis Mozzo, the celebrity gossip reporter

AG: So what can we expect from “Franchis Mozzo” on Feim Fix?
FV: Well, “Franchis Mozzo” on Feim Fix, it’s a gossip show, but a very special gossip show. It’s not usually the way you see gossip, you know, it’s more than that, more ironic and more of a very particular way to tell gossip, so “Franchis Mozzo” has his own trademark to show you the gossip, and it’s going to be something really new, something you need to see. He gets involved with the artists in a way that maybe you’ve never seen before with your celebrities and your artists. It’s going to be very funny. “Franchis Mozzo” is doing all these crazy things with people, with celebrities, and you will see everything on Feim Fix?

AG: What about Armando Bronca? What can we be expecting from him?
FV: “Armando Bronca” is the other side, you know? He’s completely opposite of “Franchis Mozzo.” “Armando Bronca” is the macho, the macho Latino, who wants the women only in the kitchen, you know? This guy has his own stories, he’s going to be doing some part of the show, very funny, usually with women. The two characters are completely different. On one side, Franchis Mozzo is the main character of the show, and the other side is Armando Bronca, who is more like the macho Latino. All the Latinos, definitely we have this part of Armando Bronca in our personality, you know? So some people, of course the Mexican guys, love Armando Bronca, but the women and people who love gossip love Franchis Mozzo. We have two sides, and everyone can love the show. People are going to love the show, it’s really neat.

Viel as Armando Bronca, the sexist "macho Latino."

AG: Where did you find the inspiration for these characters that people love so much they asked specifically for them?
FV: We created the characters when I was working on Escandalo for 10 years, and I was the normal host, you know, my suit, my tie, like a formal TV host, and we created “Franchis” because, in some part of my career, my wife told me, “You know what? You’re not the kind of host who really likes gossip. You don’t enjoy telling gossip to the people. Why don’t you create a character who really loves gossip and loves to be involved with celebrities and wants to be a very good friend of celebrities? Why don’t you create a character?” And we created “Franchis Mozzo.” He’s a very funny guy, completely the opposite of me, the kind of guy that wants to get involved with celebrities all the time. He feels like a celebrity, too. And then we created “Armando Bronca,” because I didn’t want to create only one character like “Franchis Mozzo.” It was such a powerful character, so many people started to tell me, “You’re the guy who plays Franchis Mozzo!” and “You are Franchis Mozzo! Hey, Franchis Mozzo!” So I said, “You know what, I need another character to be a host, who has more than one character, not only “Franchis Mozzo,” and we created “Armando Bronca,” the opposite of “Franchis.” These two characters and their personalities, YouTube wants to work with both. Definitely “Franchis Mozzo” is the most popular, the most funny guy, and everyone wants to get involved with him.

AG: What do you hope to accomplish with this show?
FV: Well, you know, the most amazing part of this show is the way that I’m going to be a producer at the same time. So for me, it’s amazing to produce and to be the character at the same time. Usually, when you work in a big TV station, you are the host of the show, you have a team, you have producers, and you are more like the guy who’s in front of the camera. On YouTube, the thing that I love is that I can be involved in production. That, to me, is amazing, because I can create what I really want to see, and I have the freedom to do anything I want. At the same time, on YouTube, you don’t have the restrictions you usually have on television. That’s amazing, because you have freedom to do everything you want, and you will see definitely something completely different than on television. Actually the show is only going to be seven minutes, and they renew once a week.

AG: Anything else you think the people of Houston need to know about NuevOn or Feim Fix? Any other projects you have in the works? Anything I haven’t asked you that you think people need to know?
FV: Sure! We start in April. We have three shows in the beginning. One of the shows is going to be Sofia Vergara. It’s a show hosted by her son. It’s like the backstage of her life, so it’s very amazing, because Sofia has led an amazing career, but we never see the other part of her job, the behind the scenes and everything. Her son will show us this part of Sofia, so I think it’s going to be amazing. I think the name is My Life with Sofia, or My Life with Sofi, because everybody calls Sofia “Sofi.” The other show is with “Macho” Camacho, the boxer. We added this show about his life and trying to find a new girlfriend. It’s very funny. Feim Fix is going to be the gossip show, so we have three shows at the beginning of NuevOn. You can subscribe by going to YouTube.com/NuevOn. You can subscribe, start to watch the shows, and I think definitely you’re going to love it. In the future, we hope to put more and more shows. I think Hispanic people definitely need to have their own space in NuevOn, their own channel, and the programming is going to be completely new and completely different than what you usually see on TV. That’s the goal.

AG: All right, well thank you so much for your time, it was really nice speaking to you. Good luck with NuevOn!
FV: Thank you so much for your time, Alex, I hope you subscribe, and tell all your friends. Thank you!

“NuevOn is the new Hispanic pop culture YouTube™ channel, celebrity-oriented, in Spanish, and designed to generate trends and news that transcends to all markets. The content is specifically tailored to young multi-cultural Latinos, taking into consideration their love for their own celebs, humor, family, drama, soaps, information and aspirational dreams. NuevOn, is unapologetic when it comes to humor and drama, yet respectful of family values, work, dreams and the seriousness of celebrating Latinos self-worth as a group.”

    • yesenia cruz
    • August 15th, 2012

    hola felipe como es posibole que lla no te podamos ver en la tele regresa felipe sin el escandalo telefutura es como el titanic se esta undiendo chary tu y marisa eran el trio perfecto te vi hon en la mega con bely ysenti una nostalgia horrible y amo a franchismoso y armando broncas inigualable tus personajes que me asian mis mananas muy divertidas te queremos felipe rrrregggrrrreeeesa felipe te deseo lo mejor y hojala y pronto tevea amos en la tele.

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