¡ROB! “Rob Learns Spanish” airs tonight, Feb. 9

Uncle Hector tries to teach Rob Spanish tonight on CBS at 7:30 CST

This week, Rob tries to learn Spanish after he catches on that his in-laws are all speaking badly about him in Spanish so that he can’t understand. Uncle Hector decides that he should try and help him learn Spanish, and they meet up in secret for lessons. Rosa tells Maggie she thinks Rob is cheating, because he has lied to Maggie about having to work late and go to business dinners.

Meanwhile, Rosa has Fernando on a diet and exercise regimen, but he is caught by Rob either stuffing flan in his face or picking up chimichangas at Taco Tim’s. Fernando resorts to desperate measures to assure Rosa he is dieting and working out.

During one of Uncle Hector’s “lessons,” Rob catches Fernando cheating his diet yet again, and Fernando says he will keep his mouth shut if Rob does, too. That is when Rob seizes the opportunity to have Fernando teach him Spanish.

Rob, Uncle Hector and Fernando then all gather together so that Rob can watch hours of Spanish television. Surprisingly, he catches on and feels ready for another family gathering so he can prove himself in Spanish.

Will Rosa find out Fernando is cheating his diet? Will Rob understand the horrible things his in-laws are saying about him? Will he be able to speak to them in Spanish after watching hours of novelas? Tune in to ¡ROB! on CBS tonight at 7:30 CST to find out!

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