New BluRay & DVD Releases This Week

DreamWorks Studios’ Real Steel makes its way to BluRay & DVD on Tuesday January 24th. If you love adventure films, movies with heart and stunning visual effects, this movie is for you.

Hugh Jackman (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Van Helsing) stars as Charlie Kenton, an out-of-commission boxer who makes his living fighting boxing robots. Evangeline Lilly (Lost, The Hurt Locker) plays the owner of the gym the robots are trained and built at. Charlie is unwillingly reunited with his son, Max, and together, they rebuild a “trash bot” named Atom.

A story about relationships, familial and romantic, not going down without a fight, and beating the odds, Real Steel has got the heart of Rocky and the special effects of Star Trek.

I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie, because honestly, when you hear, “it’s a movie about boxing robots,” you really just don’t expect much! I was pleasantly surprised, though.

One of the bonus features was a look into the building of the bots, and it shows Mr. Steven Spielberg himself drop by the set to give advice. He tells them that CGI has to be used, but building actual, physical robots was a necessity. I was so happy he told them that, because I still think Jurassic Park was one of the best CGI/animatron movies of all time. I hate when movies are completely CGI, because you can tell it’s really fake. Combining CGI and animatronics in Jurassic Park makes the dinosaurs seem so real. They touched and were attacked by actual, moving dinosaurs most of the time.

This advice made Real Steel so much better. I couldn’t help but feel like Atom was real, a true underdog. Also, watching Hugh Jackman in jeans and fitted tees for a couple of hours wasn’t bad either!

This BluRay & DVD combo pack includes special bonus features giving a look behind the scenes and into the making of Metal Valley, Robo Alley and the building of the robots.

Back in 2009, a little-known documentary-style horror film named Paranormal Activity was released in theaters. The small budget movie achieved a cult following and loyal fan base. The third installment in the series, Paranormal Activity 3, will now be released on BluRay & DVD on Tuesday January 24th.

This third chapter in the series travels back to the beginning. In 2009, we learned that Katie had some sort of spirit following her around since childhood. Paranormal Activity 3 goes back to 1988 and tells the story of how that evil began to terrorize Katie and her sister Kristie.

When I received this movie to review, I had nightmares about it the night before I even watched it. I was expecting the bone-chilling home-video style clips from the first Paranormal Activity, and I was thoroughly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it still scared me from time to time, but it seemed like all the same tactics.

It kind of relates to what I talked about with Real Steel. The CGI effects in this one were just too fake sometimes. There were also just too many. What was so scary about the first one, for me at least, were all the sudden noises in the silence. The “demon” never showed itself but wreaked havoc in small, scary ways.

It was that “bump in the night” paranoia the first one created that I expected from this one, but it just wasn’t there. It’s still kind of a thrill, but don’t expect what you got in the original Paranormal Activity.

The special features include an unrated version of the film as well as “Lost Tapes” that can only be found on the BluRay & DVD combo pack. My only problem with this is that the “Lost Tapes” are only on the BluRay disc, and I don’t have BluRay, so I didn’t get to watch them. The same goes for anyone else who doesn’t have BluRay. Either way, look for it in stores Tuesday January 24th!

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