Krystal Vee: Scorpion King 3 Interview #2

The third chapter of the popular Scorpion King series, “Battle for Redemption,” was released on DVD and BluRay on Tuesday January 10th. Krystal Vee plays Princess Silda in the film. She speaks about learning how to fight, playing a strong female role and the biggest differences in this film as opposed to the first two.

Krystal Vee who plays Silda in Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption

AG: So, Krystal, can you start by telling me a little bit about your character?
KV: My character’s name is Silda, and she is a sort of fighting ninja. She is King Ramusan’s daughter, and she has a little group. She’s the rebellious one, always fighting for their people. She also has some really cool ninja outfits!

AG: Having worked in Street Fighter before, what was it like actually doing the fighting this time?
KV: I played Lucy in street fighter, Kristen Kreuk’s friend from childhood, so there was no fighting for me. For Scorpion King, though, I had to train for fighting scenes. I had no background in fighting, so you can imagine when I got this role, I thought, “Am I going to be able to do this?” I was a dancer for years, so I found that fighting and dancing are actually kind of similar. The body movements, footwork, choreography, it was all very intense. I trained for six days a week, seven hours a day. My coach kind of taught me the basics. My fight with Celina Lo, the fight scene at the end, required a lot of training.

AG: Was that something you enjoyed? Would you want to do another movie like this now?
KV: Hopefully! I fell in love with it. I hope to do it again. It was such a good workout , put you in a good frame of mind, gave you good goals, and I love body movement.

AG: So had you seen the Scorpion King movies before you decided to take part in the third one? What did you think of them, and what are the biggest differences between those and this one?
KV: I saw them like a really long time ago, so I just remember bits and pieces. The biggest difference was location for sure. This one is so much more exotic. It’s different for the eyes of people from the West. The ruins, jungles, and waterfalls are very exotic. The people also look more Asian with a different skin color and tone. You’ll be able to tell by the extras. The fighting is different, the explosions are different, and the animals are different. There were a lot of bugs!

AG: This role is obviously a very strong role for a woman. Is that something you look for in a role, and is that something you’ll be looking for in the future?
KV: If you’re looking at back then, women weren’t really allowed to be in power. They were submissive and all that. If you apply that to nowadays, in the middle east and in Asia, women still struggle in that area. I don’t like that. Women should be equal. I can be quite dominating sometimes. I don’t like it when men look down on me. If I want to help carry stuff, they say, “You want to do that? You’re a girl.” I’m like, “So what?” There is a lot of vulnerability in being a woman. You can kick ass, but you’re also sensitive.

AG: What’s next for you here in the States?
KV: I don’t know! I’m all the way from Thailand, and LA is opening my eyes. It’s like a new world here. I just hope I can make connections here and that this movie can launch my career. There is a lot of work in Thailand, but I really like it over here.

AG: Lastly, what do you want people to know about this movie that we didn’t get to touch on before?
KV: If people watch this movie, they might think it took a long time shooting it, that we spent a lot of money on it, that we had all this time for training, but we didn’t have a lot of time really! It was fun, difficult at times, but the filmmakers, the crew and all of us did a good job at being effective. I hope people enjoy it!

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