Bostin Christopher talks Scorpion King 3

On DVD and BluRay January 10, 2012

Next Tuesday, the third installment in the Scorpion King series, made famous by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, comes to DVD and BluRay. The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption stars Victor Webster (CSI, Castle), Billy Zane (Titanic, Charmed), Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy, Drive) and WWE stars Dave Bautista and Kimbo Slice.

Bostin Christopher plays Olaf in SK3

Bostin Christopher who plays Olaf, Webster’s character’s sidekick (of sorts) in the film, spoke to me about filming in Thailand, bruising a rib fighting Bautista and what it is that keeps the Scorpion King series going.

AG: Hi, nice to meet you!
BC: My pleasure, Alex.
AG: Okay, well let’s start off with you telling me a little bit about your character
BC: Olaf. He’s a big barbarian type, from the north. He’s a fighter, he’s gritty, and big and burpy.  He burps a lot! He’s lots of fun. Big, bold and brash.

AG: I understand there is a lot of fighting in this film. What was that like for you?
BC: I come from a  theatrical background, so I’ve had stage combat experience, but this was definitely more fighting than any other show or movie I’ve done. We had a great stunt team. Victor and I become buddies in the movie, so we hung out a lot and did a lot of training, 6-8 hours a day. He kind of took me under his wing, because he had that background. He was the one telling me what I should eat, and I would just say, “Whatever he’s having!” I was just kind of learning a lot. We had a couple fights together, you know, where we fight each other, but there was also some fighting as a team. It was a great way to get into all of that. It was a great experience. I got kicked in the head a lot, not for real, but there was a lot of getting beat up for sure.

AG: I read the movie was shot in Thailand. What’s it like and how was it filming over there?
BC: I had personally never been overseas in my life. It was life-changing, so amazing. It was a completely different culture with amazing people. They are so nice over there, there are no nicer people in the world. The beauty of the country was amazing, especially the temples we were shooting at. We shot nearby one of the biggest temples, and Victor who was a big tourist, got us out to go and see that. We got to do that on our day off, but we didn’t have to do that, because later we learned that’s where we were shooting for the next three days. To be on the same place people stood thousands of years ago, I mean, you can feel it. It was amazing. It was really hot and there were a lot of bugs, but overall, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

AG: So you all shot in temples? Were there any rules you had to abide by? I’m assuming you had to be really careful.
BC: Oh yeah, we had to have major respect for all of the temples and ruins. There was no playing with them. We had to make sure we weren’t trying to break the place. Even the Thai people gave us some lessons about how you’re supposed to be around these temples, reminding us of the reverence and respect you paid to be in these places. It was a great sort of history. Being part of that history was eye-opening.

AG: Going back to the fighting, I noticed there are several WWE stars in this movie. What was it like working with them? I can imagine it would be intimidating!
BC: It was definitely intimidating! You think these guys are giant beasts, beating the holy bejeezus out of people, but to my pleasant surprise, they were the sweetest dudes in the world. I’m sure they don’t want me to tell you that, of course, but it’s true. They can still kick your butt, though! I got to film a fight with Dave () in the movie, and then Kimbo (Slice) just came in with this fire in his eyes and he just wanted to do a great job and he did. There was a time we were fighting with the ninjas, and I ran full speed, jumped into his body and he did not move. He was a tree! I actually kind of bruised my rib doing that. I’m a big dude, but he’s solid, just solid. It’s really amazing how solid they were.

AG: So what is about the Scorpion King story that keeps it relevant? I mean, this is the third installment, so what do you think it is that keeps people wanting more?
BC: I think it’s had to do with this “not our world” sort of thing, but the themes and stories are relevant to our world. I think people want to escape with these sort of Mummy movies and Scorpion King, fantasy. Our world isn’t part of that. People enjoy that they’re full of action. This movie is 100 percent pure adrenaline action, non-stop action, and I think people want to enjoy that. They want to see some good fighting, root for good over bad. In the Scorpion King, you start off with Victor as a bad guy, but he goes through a journey from lost and down on the world, when he’s lost everything, and it’s a battle within himself for the redemption.

AG: Is there any sort of personal connection to your character, Olaf? Is there anything about him that
you can relate to personally?
BC: Whenever I play a role that has size to it…I’m a big guy. I always try to identify with whatever aspect of that is. I’m a marshmallow, I don’t burp in general in public, but to play that, get down to that base and animal instinct, with the freedom to play in that world, I could do anything in this character.

AG: Lastly, what do you want people to know about this movie?
BC: It kicks butt! 

  1. They ruined Scorpian king 3 by removing the rock.,….How can you make a part 3 and take out the person who made the movie good.

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