Kermit & Miss Piggy Interview #2

Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog, back in theaters this Wednesday: November 23, 2011!

To clear things up, the last interview I posted with Kermit & Miss Piggy was a general one sent in from Disney. I went ahead and posted it, because I wasn’t sure if I would get my questions answered in time for the premiere of The Muppets in two days. Today, I checked my email, and much to my pleasant surprise, I got my interview with the “Man” in Green and Miss Piggy the Diva themselves!

Fresh off their appearance on Saturday Night Live with co-star Jason Segel this weekend, here is what the iconic duo had to say to The Reel Story.

This is your first Muppet movie in 11 years. How does it feel to be working with all of your friends and fellow Muppets again?
KERMIT: It’s great to be back on the big screen with the whole gang.
PIGGY: …But especially with moi.
KERMIT: Right, but especially with Miss Piggy.
PIGGY:  and not so much with the rest of those weirdos.
KERMIT: Piggy! Speak for yourself.
PIGGY: I always do.

Kermit, your co-star Jason Segel called you “the original Everyman.” What do you have to say about that, and what was it like working with a self-professed huge Muppet fan?
KERMIT: That was very nice of Jason to say that, but I think of myself more as the “original everyfrog”.
PIGGY: He may be “everyfrog” but he belongs to moi.
KERMIT: Uh, right….As for working with a self-professed fan, it’s great fun. Jason knows more about the Muppets than we do.
PIGGY:   He does?
KERMIT: Sure. Jason can remember everything you’ve ever done — every appearance, every musical number and every dress you’ve ever worn.
PIGGY: Really!? I wish I’d known that when we were making the movie, I’d have been nice to him.

How is this Muppet movie different from previous ones, and how is it different from the show?
PIGGY: I think the biggest difference is that this movie is a lot more recent. The other movies we did awhile ago, but this one we just shot.
KERMIT: Piggy, I think they mean “how” is this movie different.
PIGGY: Oh!…..Beats me.
KERMIT: Well, I think the difference is that we’re just being ourselves. It’s like the first Muppet movie in that way, which is something I know a lot of fans really like.  As for being different from the Muppet show.
PIGGY: Oh wait, I got this one…..It’s three times as long as the Muppet Show.
KERMIT:  I don’t think that’s what they were asking.
PIGGY:  Yes, but it’s what I’m answering, so they better be satisfied.
KERMIT:  What she said.

Who and what can we expect from the surprise cameos in the film?
KERMIT: Oh, there are a lot of great surprise cameos in the movie. Ever since the Muppets started making movies, star cameos have been part of our tradition…and with this movie I think we top ourselves.
PIGGY: Naturally, for these “surprise” cameos to remain a “surprise” we can’t tell you who they are or you won’t be “surprised”.   So don’t ask again, okay?

I know there are tough film critics out there, but Statler and Waldorf definitely seem to be the toughest most of the time. What did they think about the movie?
KERMIT: Statler and Waldorf complained about the movie from the first day of shooting, but they were there every day and they’re in the movie. We haven’t heard exactly what they have to say about this movie, but I’m pretty sure it will be insulting.
PIGGY: But not to moi. They know better than to give moi a bad review.
KERMIT: That’s how they’ve lived to be so old.

Lastly, what is the message you would like to get across to your fans with this movie?
KERMIT:  If you want to laugh, have fun and feel good all over, come see “The Muppets” .
PIGGY: And even if you don’t want to laugh, have fun and feel good, come see it anyway.  I didn’t spend all that time in hair and make-up for nothing, so be there, sweetie!

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