Everyone Has A Story

Today was not nearly as long as yesterday. No work! I turned in my Media Law & Ethics writing assignment, went and bought some new tennis shoes, led discussion on a piece we had to read for my Advanced Feature Writing Class, went to the Gregory with Amanda and worked out for a couple of hours, and went for a walk around the IM fields with Meredith.

In my Advanced Feature Writing class, we had to read “The Wronged Man” by Andrew Corsello, and my professor had me lead the discussion and analysis of the piece. It’s about a man named Calvin Willis who is wrongly convicted of raping a little girl. He is convicted but then set free 20 years later after a woman named Janet Gregory fights for a DNA test that concludes that he was in fact not the rapist. It reads like a novel, there is so much detail and dialogue. The most interesting part of the story is that Corsello was not around for any of the events he wrote about, it’s all reporting. He talked to all the characters in this story and had them recreate the scenes and conversations with him. That is a difficult task, and it became an amazing story.

That’s what I love about feature writing. Hard news is who, did what, where, when and why. Feature writing is that and more. It uses all the five senses. You see, hear, feel, smell and taste what the journalist is writing about. You feel for the characters, the subjects, the victims. It’s like watching a movie. Detail makes a feature story, a narrative, it puts you in the scene. It’s so much more tedious than hard news, I feel, and it’s so much fun. People are fascinating. Everyone has a story, you just have to ask them.


#np It’s OK – Cee Lo Green

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